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Extra-Curricular Activities

Photo showing the word "Funky"

Funky Kids

Funkey Kids strives to develop confidence and a positive self-image in a fun and challenging environment. Using specialized equipment and positive reinforcement, Funkey Kids helps kids develop good habits in the area of physical activity and healthy living. Children leave Funkey Kids feeling happy, confident and energized!  

Dance Studio

Dance Classes

(Professional Instructor)

Dancing increases the child’s dexterity, physical fitness, and emotional well-being. It also improves social skills and sparks creativity. Oma offers Jazz, Jazz Funk & Hip Hip Dance Classes. 

Taekwondo kids

Tae Kwon – Ignite Taekwondo

This class will emphasize the value of perseverance and being the best that one can be. Children will not only gain self-confidence and self-discipline, but also create special bonds with other children that extend outside of the training area. The 5 tenets of Taekwando will be taught. 

Little Valley Montessori Piano

WCMA (Willowdale Conservatory of Music and Arts)

Little Mozartprogram tailored for children 3.5 – 5 years old. This program will discover and develop musical ability in children. Classes use movements, singing, and musical instruments to explore melody, rhythm, dynamics, and musical notation. Musical games make lessons engaging and entertaining. This program is a base for a solid academic music education and increases confidence, creativity, and self-expression in children.


French Classes

Our French classes are designed for children who are interested in the language or those who will be pursuing French Immersion studies later in Grade 1. The focus of the program will be on teaching children the basics of the French language and a love for French!

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