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Our Camps Program

Little Valley Montessori camp

Little Valley Montessori is thrilled to offer your children the opportunity to build their confidence, discover and learn new skills, make new friends and create lasting memories during camps in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Our camp programs which run during the Summer, March Break & Winter Break are packed with exciting, fun-filled opportunities.

We expose young children to a variety of topic areas to reinforce or strengthen their academic skills. For our camps, parents and children have the flexibility to pick any week they wish to attend, there are no commitments.

The staff is made up of our own highly qualified and experienced teachers and instructors who are motivated,  creative and caring. Their goal is to make sure your child is having fun while experiencing new discoveries in education.


 Please contact us for more information.

Little Valley Montessori boy
Little Valley Montessori girl
Litte Valley Montessori girl 2
Litte Valley Montessori girl 3
Litte Valley Montessori girl 4
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